3.─────Our Research

KMM-VIN is composed of research teams with expertise in materials development and processing technologies

KMM-VIN is composed of research teams with expertise in materials development and processing technologies, characterisation of microstructure and properties, materials modelling in the design phase and under in-service conditions. Our network comprises experts in materials science, physics, chemistry, mechanics and computational science, who can act as single groups or form problem-oriented consortia to provide comprehensive and verifiable solutions in the KMM area.


KMM-NoE Key Results

The solid base for the research of KMM-VIN Working Groups was created by the Network of Excellence 'Knowledge-based Multicomponent Materials for Durable and Safe Performance' (KMM-NoE; EU FP6 project NMP3-CT-2004-502243). The key results of KMM-NoE can be found here.

Summary presentation of the Workpackage 1 results (pdf, 1.29 Mb)

Summary presentation of the Workpackage 2 results (pdf, 3.07 Mb)

Summary presentation of the Workpackage 3 results (pdf, 0.79 Mb)

3.─────Our Research

The current thematic scope of KMM-VIN is arranged within five Working Groups focused on:

3.1.─────Materials for Transport

Materials for Transport

The main focus is on advanced ferrous and non-ferrous metals but other materials like ceramics, polymers, composites, functionally graded materials, hybrid materials etc. can also be approached. WG1 is currently composed of 35 institutions  . . .
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3.2.─────Materials for Energy

Materials for Energy



The main research areas targeted by WG3 encompass inter alia materials for implants, materials for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and drug delivery, biomimetic materials, "natural" materials and nature mimicking materia . . .
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3.4.─────Materials Modelling and Simulation

Materials Modelling and Simulation

Besides the WG4 itself, research activities on materials modelling are naturally present in other WGs as an activity complementing materials processing or characterisation. At the moment the WG4 is composed of university and research instit . . .
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3.5.─────Graphene/2D Materials

Graphene/2D Materials