3.4.─────Materials Modelling and Simulation

WG4 is a horizontal working group of KMM-VIN supporting the vertical WGs: WG1. Materials for Transport, WG2. Materials for Energy, WG3. Biomaterials and WG5. Graphene/2D Materials

Besides the WG4 itself, research activities on materials modelling are naturally present in other WGs as an activity complementing materials processing or characterisation. At the moment the WG4 is composed of university and research institutes and consists of 32 research groups from different EU States.


WG4 thematic scope

The research scope of WG4 includes modelling and numerical simulation in very diverse areas, e.g.

• Multiscale modeling
• Atomistic modeling
• Structural parts
• Tissues engineering
• Powder processes
• Damage in composites
• Metal-ceramic interfaces
• Metal formability
• Optimization/Inverse analysis
• Homogenization/Effective properties
• Simulation-based material characterization


WG4 structure

There is no specific structure in WG4. A most common used scheme for joint research are bilateral projects initiated within KMM-VIN Research Fellowships scheme and continued thereafter.

The WG4 gathering 32 research teams is being led by two coordinators.


WG4 current activities and future plans

The WG4 is active in organising KMM-VIN Industrial Workshops (IWs). Out of seven IWs organised by KMM-VIN so far two were focused on materials modelling issues and the next one, the IW8, on “Modelling of composite materials and composite coatings” is under preparation and will be held at FRAUNHOFER-IWM in Freiburg in October 2018.