8.─────For Industry

KMM-VIN offers integrated materials solutions (“from idea to ready product”) comprising:

Design of materials chemical composition, phase composition and structural models.
Verified and optimised materials technologies.
Complete characterisation of materials microstructure, properties and performance in service conditions.
Modelling of materials properties and behaviour under complex thermomechanical loading conditions and harsh environments.


KMM Offer for Industry

8.1.─────Materials for Transport

Materials for Transport

KMM-VIN offers research and development of novel structural and functional materials for automotive and aerospace applications along with advanced testing facilities and modelling.
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8.2.─────Materials for Energy

Materials for Energy

One of the main aim of KMM-VIN is to do joint activity with industry on Materials for Energy, possibly within funded projects, but surely also on a bottom-up, free, scientific basis. We are involved in already existing research plan on Engi . . .
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8.3.─────Materials for Healthcare

Materials for Healthcare

*Improving established materials for medical devices, e.g. orthopedic and vascular implants, antibacterial coatings; *Developing new, multifunctional and bioactive materials for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering scaffolds and drug d . . .
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8.4.─────Courses and trainings

Courses and trainings

For customers interested in: materials design processing technologies fundamentals of chemical and physical processes thermodynamics of complex materials characterization of materials microstructure and properties modelling of material prop . . .
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8.5.─────Cooperation options

Cooperation options

Step1: 1-3 months, proof of concept Step2: 2-6 months, experimental activity Step3: 3 months, technology transfer * Including personnel, know-how, literature/patent search on international data bases, facilities, consumables. Go/ no-go deci . . .
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