8.2.─────Materials for Energy

KMM-VIN offers innovative materials solutions based on detailed understanding and modelling of high-temperature microstructure degradation processes and surface protection against steam oxidation

  • One of the main aim of KMM-VIN is to do joint activity with industry on Materials for Energy, possibly within funded projects, but surely also on a bottom-up, free, scientific basis.
  • We are involved in already existing research plan on Engineered Micro- and nanostructures for Enhanced long-term high-temperature materials Performance (EMEP).
  • We propose the simulation of manufacturing processes for large components to ensure optimal properties during scale up from laboratory samples to industrial use.



We offer a wide experience in design, production and characterization of materials for energy such as:

  • ferritic and austenitic steels
  • Ni-based super-alloys
  • Ti-based alloys
  • ceramics
  • ceramic matrix composites
  • glasses
  • materials related issues for energy production
  • from renewable sources
  • biomass combustion
  • solid oxide fuel cells
  • materials for nuclear energy plants
  • materials for petro-chemical industry
  • superconductivity materials
  • graphene



We offer a wide range of characterization techniques together with the necessary expertise to discuss results and to propose solutions.
We offer problem solving approach to energy materials issues faced by industrial companies and SMEs.
Our testing equipment comprises:

  • State of the art electron microscopy and thermo-mechanical testing
  • Mechanical tests on joined materials
  • A class 1000 clean room dedicated to the fabrication of glass-based integrated devices
  • Drawing tower
  • Profilometer
  • Optical devices for materials preparation and characterisation
  • and much more ...



Materials in energy applications are subjected to extreme working conditions such as high temperature,
high pressure and dynamic loading.
Materials modeling is a key ingredient of computer software to simulate the behaviour of materials used for energy applications.

KMM-VIN offers a wide range of services in material modeling and analysis for energy sector applications:

  • Non-linear finite element structural analysis
  • Simulation of material processing and manufacturing (casting, forming, welding)
  • Coupled multi-phsysical modelling of material microstructure evolution
  • Atomistic and multiscale material modelling
  • Development of material models for new materials
  • Calibration of material models

KMM-VIN modelling capabilities are unique combination of research and industrial experience of its members.



KMM-VIN offers professional trainings dedicated to materials for energy, e.g.:

  • Materials for energy systems and advanced steam power plants
  • Heat treatment of welded joints
  • International welder courses
  • Foundry
  • High-temperature materials characterization in liquid and semi-liquid states
  • Asset/plant oriented Risk Management
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment Risk Governance and Risk Based Inspection

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