8.1.─────Materials for Transport

The continuous search for light structural materials, sustainability and good balance of cost and performance are nowadays the main drivers of the Transport industry

KMM-VIN offers research and development of novel structural and functional materials for automotive and aerospace applications along with advanced testing facilities and modelling.



The catalogue of materials offered by the KMM-VIN members to the interested customers encompasses a number of specific material solutions from the following classes:

  • Metals and alloys
  • Advanced ceramics
  • Composite materials (MMC, CMC, IPC, PMC)
  • Functionally graded materials
  • Coatings



The testing and characterization capability of KMM-VIN is one of its major technical assets. The transport sector may benefit from one of the most complete portfolio of testing and characterization equipment and expertise offered by universities and RTO's worldwide. Both conventional and advanced characterization methods can be made available by KMM-VIN.



Modelling enables the design of new materials, the prediction of their properties, the development of manufacturing methods and the analysis of structural parts in service.
KMM-ViN offers a wide range of services in material modelling and simulations for transport sector including:

  • Non-linear finite element structural analysis
  • Simulation of material processing and manufacture (casting, forming, welding)
  • Coupled multi-physical modelling of material microstructure evolution
  • Atomistic and multiscale material modelling
  • Development of material models for new materials
  • Calibration of material models



KMM-VIN offers professional trainings dedicated to materials for surface transport and aerospace that can be organized at KMM-VIN, or company's premises, or by e-learning.
The following training courses are available:

  • Light alloys and composites
  • Materials for aeronautics and aerospace
  • Nickel based superalloys
  • Polymer science and technology
  • Repair of aerospace composites
  • Plastics processing technology
  • Rubber compounding and processing
  • Joining of dissimilar materials
  • Modelling of sintering processes
  • Measurement and prediction of residual stresses

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