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4.─────Call for Research Fellowships 2021

The Research Fellowships 2021 -Results

The 13th call of KMM-VIN research fellowships was closed on March 31, 2021.

The submitted 11 eligible applications with in total 13.5 requested person months were reviewed by the Research Fellowship Committee, consisting of the Chair of the KMM-VIN Mobility Programme and of the Coordinators of the KMM-VIN Working Groups.

In this call 8 person months were granted from the regular KMM-VIN budget. In addition, two person months were awarded as Profs. Appendino grant (financed by POLITO).

Documents from Research Fellowship 2021 - enter here. - for authorised members only

Finally, following applicants were granted with in total 10 person months in the 13th call:

Applicant: Host: Duration(in months): Start date:
FAU Appendino Grant POLITO 1 2021-10-01
TEKNIKER Appendino Grant POLITO 1 2021-Oct
TUG IOD 1 2021-Oct
AGH POLITO 1 2021-09-01
UCM TUG 1.5 2021-Sep
BioIRC TUW 1 2021-Sep
WRUT FAU 1 2021-10-01
IOD IMRSAS 1 2021-10-18
IOD FAU 1.5 2021-09-15

4.─────KMM-VIN Industrial Workshop 9

KMM-VIN Industrial Workshop (IW9): "Advanced Materials for Energy: challenges and opportunities", 10th-11th May 2022, Turin, Italy

The 9th KMM-VIN Industrial Workshop (IW9) on:
„ Advanced Materials for Energy: challenges and opportunities”
will be held on 10th-11th May 2022 at the Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy.

The workshop details and the call for abstracts will be provided here.