3.5.─────Graphene/2D Materials

This newest working group is not targeted at any specific industry sector. It has been created as a result of the growing interest of KMM-VIN partnership in graphene and other 2D materials.


WG5 thematic scope

The thematic scope of WG5 comprises topics such as:

•   Measurement of the properties of graphene
•   Analytical techniques to assess the quality of the graphene
•   Standardisation of graphene feedstocks
•   Functionalisation methods
•   Analysis of dispersion of graphene in composite materials
•   Industrial applications for graphene - sensors, materials, self-diagnostic properties, energy storage, coatings


WG5 structure

This is as yet the smallest working group of KMM-VIN consisting of 11 research teams. There is no specific structure in WG5, the internal collaborative projects are now under construction. The group is being led by one coordinator.


WG5 current activities and future plans

The WG5 had its first technical meeting in February 2018 to express specific research interests of participants and to seek common grounds for future collaborative projects. The group is open for any KMM-VIN member interested in graphene or other 2D materials.