Innovative materials solutions for Transport, Energy and Biomedical sectors by strengthening integration and enhancing research dynamics of KMM-VIN

Grant agreement no.: NMP3-SA-2012-290526

2.4.2.─────Project Summary

Project Summary

KMM-VIN AISBL since its creation in 2007 has reached a considerable level of internal integration and organizational stability in some domains typically attributed to NoEs (Networks of Excellence). While collaborative research within Working Groups and mobility programme called KMM-VIN Research Fellowships are running reasonably well, the R&D and training services for industry are not yet fully satisfactory.

INNVIN is a CSA project within the EU 7. Framework Programme involving 21 members of the KMM-VIN association and KMM-VIN itself as the project coordinator.
The primary objective of INNVIN is to engage the large transnational partnership of KMM-VIN in the process of transforming it into an organization with a more effective strategy towards the industry, which should enhance KMM-VIN’s financial viability. KMM-VIN will primarily focus on Transport, Energy and Biomedical sectors as these are the ones where KMM-VIN’s expertise has reached a critical mass.

A set of measures is proposed to reach this objective: Survey of technology needs in Transport, Energy and Biomedical sectors, Update of contents and enhancement of functionalities of KMM expertise and equipment database, Dissemination campaign of KMM-VIN research, infrastructure and training potential, Recruitment of new KMM members from industry.

So far the implementation of the strategic plans developed within INNVIN have resulted inter alia in an expansion of the KMM-VIN partnership by 30+ new members including a number of industrial companies from the energy sector, organization of the 1st KMM-VIN Industrial Workshop on Materials for Energy (Madrid) and two more industrial workshops on Biomaterials (Bremen) and Materials for Transport (Dresden) in progress.